Friday, March 18, 2011


"Going off the grid." In extreme terms, it means living independently of electricity and the consumption / burning of fossil fuels.  In easier terms, it means getting off the social network and ditching the mobile phone, even for a while.

It's ironic that I'm going on the grid to talk about going off the grid.

Lately, I've turned into a flake (which is not me), an impulsive decision maker and an overloaded washing machine.

Not long ago, I made a more conscious effort to actually FOCUS and really listen to people, including myself.  Then bit by bit--my idea of connection turned into saying yes to everything and throwing myself into a blender of moments.

Back in the day, people had to write notes and send them out to get everyone together for a social or business gathering.  Today, ten minutes on the grid gets me fully booked 'til "Pi" day 3/14/15.  

In so many ways I think my physical space is reflecting my mental space.  A lot of things need to get thrown out.  I need to be me again and not some sleepless bunny hopping  from one moment to the next.

After all, let us remember the first word in the Pixies' classic "Where is My Mind?" is the word STOP.

Where Is My Mind? (original and 2 cover versions)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I really liked that prior two their two Sunday night sets at the Esplanade in Singapore, Razorback had a Q and A session for fans and Mosaic Festival attendees who were hearing the band's music for the first time.  This is a very satisfying thing for the inner geek.

Not to mention they had it at a place called The Library which houses archives of music and film.  Nothing like hearing them discuss the band's history, craft and future plans.

For instance, the inner geek was delighted to hear about the Razorback action figures and Razorback comic book again. 

Also, there was talk of possibly emerging out of an egg (ref: Spinal Tap, Lady Gaga) for an upcoming show.

The two sets were amazing.  The band and the audience was stoked, happy and connecting.  Full house, a lovely, breezy Sunday night, ice cream and noodles all within reach, and a night sky illuminated by modern architecture.  I was supposed to return to Manila today but was really happy to catch this, say hello to the boys and take my boy to his first Razorback show.  

I also picked a Pirates of the Caribbean and Rango fridge magnet from a movie memorabilia store nearby and ate about four servings of bananas dipped in chocolate and nuts.  

A most excellent Sunday night.  


If you're an FB contact, the full album is here:


Big Night Out, Day 2:  March 12, Singapore Indoor Stadium

It was a joy to FINALLY watch Slash perform, who is on Time Magazine's 10 Best Electric Guitar Players of All Time and Gigwise's 50 Greatest Guitarists Ever.  It was pretty predictable he would knock my socks (with penguin designs) off.

But, Myles Kennedy, I've been hiding under a rock.  I did not really know him from a bar of soap named Adam (yes, shame on me) he was quite the performer--great voice, and great connection with the audience.  Same goes for rhythm guitarist Bobby Schneck (aka Garth from Wayne's World?), bassist Todd Kerns (he did a few songs and looked great with the black shirt, black pants and jet black long hair thing going) and drummer Brent Fitz.

The best thing about these guys, apart from the obvious talent, was they were all about the audience and making a connection with them.

Spank me now for just getting Slash's 2010 album featuring not just Myles Kennedy but Chris Cornell (insert a deeply heaved sigh here), Ian Astbury, Ozzy Osbourne, Fergie, Lemmy, Iggy Pop and Dave Grohl among others.

Going back to making a connection with the audience, their last song was "Paradise City" and Mr. Kennedy kept singing to me "Oh won't you please take me home."  Dude, I waited for you after the show so I could!  

Finally, this from Slash's Facebook post:  Killer show in Singapore. What an amazing mix of demographics. All different ages & ethnicities. They fn' rock here. Iii|; )'


1.  Ghost
2.  Mean Bone (Slash's Snakepit)
3.  Back From Cali
4.  Been There Lately (Slash's Snakepit)
5.  Nightrain (Guns and Roses)
6.  Rocket Queen (Guns and Roses)
7.  Civil War (Guns and Roses)
8.  Nothing to Say
9.  Starlight 
10.  Beautiful Dangerous
11.  Doctor Alibi
12.  Jizz Da Pit (Slash's Snakepit)
13.  Just Like Anything (Slash's Snakepit)
14.  My Michelle (Guns and Roses)
15.  Guitar Solo / Godfather Theme
16.  Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns and Roses)
17.  Rise Today (Alter Bridge)
18. Slither (Velvet Revolver)

19. By the Sword
20. Mr. Brownstone (Guns and Roses)
21. Paradise City (Guns and Roses)

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