Friday, March 18, 2011


"Going off the grid." In extreme terms, it means living independently of electricity and the consumption / burning of fossil fuels.  In easier terms, it means getting off the social network and ditching the mobile phone, even for a while.

It's ironic that I'm going on the grid to talk about going off the grid.

Lately, I've turned into a flake (which is not me), an impulsive decision maker and an overloaded washing machine.

Not long ago, I made a more conscious effort to actually FOCUS and really listen to people, including myself.  Then bit by bit--my idea of connection turned into saying yes to everything and throwing myself into a blender of moments.

Back in the day, people had to write notes and send them out to get everyone together for a social or business gathering.  Today, ten minutes on the grid gets me fully booked 'til "Pi" day 3/14/15.  

In so many ways I think my physical space is reflecting my mental space.  A lot of things need to get thrown out.  I need to be me again and not some sleepless bunny hopping  from one moment to the next.

After all, let us remember the first word in the Pixies' classic "Where is My Mind?" is the word STOP.

Where Is My Mind? (original and 2 cover versions)

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  1. I totally agree cousin.. I have found that moving 7000 miles away from home has had very little impact on my social interactions (which take place mainly on facebook).. and that's not what I came here for! So I'm trying to rely less on the internet and my mobile, but I'm finding it hard. Meanwhile.. the only way you and I ever get together is "on the grid" (for now), so let's not ditch it completely.. xxx


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