Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tales Off the Grid Part 1: Life Outside Facebook

In my attempt to annihilate termites, clean out and reorganize my home (a project I suspect will go on until June), I have fallen off the grid.

I have enjoyed days and weeks without Facebook.  As a result:

1.  I was on time for all my meetings and on schedule for all my errands.
2.  I had more time to sleep.
3.  I was more productive.
4.  I watched Californication and Audioslave:  Live in Cuba.

5.  Didn't get stressed by all these events.  The most horrid of which is the "Who has viewed your profile" event.

I kind of like life outside Facebook.  There's a lot of Chris Cornell to be enjoyed.


  1. I share your sentiments. Sometimes it is unhealthy to indulge too much and to expect too much-who posted on whom :)

  2. Love this! FaceBook fasts are essential to my well-being. I like the feeling of checking out of cyber-society for a while.

  3. SO TRUE, Karen! Now that I'm hooked on Facebook, I realize why I avoided it for so long! It has also made me late for things, procrastinate work (as I'm doing right now), get less sleep, leave my books untouched, etc. I do appreciate what it's added to my life (reading interesting articles, learning diverse views on many topics, keeping in touch with friends), but I've GOT to find a middle ground.

  4. Karen! I am trying to cut down my facebooking too.. Sounds like you're doing a much better job of it than I am. Love you cousin xxx


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