Friday, September 9, 2011

Hug Therapy

Six weeks ago, I decided to act like Atlas and carry weight of the world on my shoulders.   I became heavy, enclosed and gray and gloomy like the weather.

I've made several attempts to soothe my soul.  I've started reading some Deepak Chopra and I tried a yoga class.  Today, after the strapped the world on my backpack and headed out to do errands, I went over to exchange packages with a friend.  The exchange was meant to take only a few minutes as I had a cab waiting.

Our items (a letter opener from her and a keychain from me) changed hands but right before I left, she gave me a HUG.  It was quite unexpected and most welcome.  She started off by saying something about knowing I've been having a tough go of it of late.

That one hug has turned my day around.  I've smiled more today, I've worried less about my problems, I've had time to think about commitments our charity group made to the Silahis ng Kalusugan kids and work out a lunch my friend Cris is sponsoring at the White Cross.

I don't know if there are any scientific studies on the hug, but now I'm beginning to think random, genuine hugs have an incredible amount of power.  Hugs are capable of conveying so many things--I miss you, it is good to see you again, thank you, I understand.  

(Of course, there are also other types of hugs that say, "Hey, I really like touching you" but that is another story)

Hugs are magical and some of them can burst out with so much magic and positivity you just want to give a few out because it can't be contained.  Hugs are easy and healing.  And it's great to be reminded of that.



  1. I'm really glad my hug turned your day around. ♥ Truth be told it made me feel better too ... after the printer refused to work (and my report related to the letter opener is now 3 days late because of the weekend haha XD) and losing lots of sleep for a huge financial problem at the home front. Thank you. ♥♥♥

  2. Hugs K...a blessed weekend to you. Love and light.

  3. Thanks so much for your replies. Ian, think your sister comes alive every time you hug,

    Ligaya, let's keep the hug wheel turning?

    Wam--sarap kaya ng recipe, love, hugs and light.

  4. I think it's strange that I never really got into the habit of hugging until I moved to the UK. The people I met here have been generous in giving me hugs and that helped beat the homesickness. A hug can really make a difference sometimes.
    Have you ever read Pema Chedron's books? They're highly recommended by some artist friends of mine who've struggled with dark moments in their lives.

  5. Big hug to you, my dear cousin. I can't wait to meet you.. one day... xxx


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