Thursday, October 20, 2011

Everyone's Nice The First Time You Meet Them

"Oh that person is so sweet / nice / cool / OK."  Yeah yeah yeah.  They all are when you first meet them because we all put our best foot forward when we meet people.

First impressions have their place but you really don't know what anyone is like until you have known them for years and years and years.  Sometimes it takes a really long time for the chinks in the armor to show, the strange neuroses, the issues and the dirt to surface.

I am on my way to a book launch and a bar later.  I shall smile and be cute and clever, but that certainly is not me when my parking space is taken.  

The world is also generously polluted with the fake, the clueless, the conniving and the disturbed.

Because this is October and because this is the month for goths, I shall depart with this piece of goth advice:  never buy into anyone's smile.

Except Alexander Skarsgard's.

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  1. You're so right... A couple of my closest friends are people who when I first met them I was nonplussed by... or intimidated by.

    Love you, cousin xxx


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